Thursday, April 26, 2012

Black Women Beauty and Makeup

Look at all these  models beautiful arent they?

I find it odd that almost everytime there is a picture of black women, some one always has something to complain about why is that? Oh the photo is too photoshopped(but these same people will turn right around wen its a non black woman and say oh she is gorgeous, when the photo of her is PHOTOSHOPPED like hell! lol), if a black woman  is beautiful she must be mix( even tho its clear as day she is Black), and some will say she is beautiful but i dont like her weave( but will turn around and compliment a non black woman in their photos but no mention of their WEAVES! or they will go crazy over a non black woman when EVERYTHING ON HER IS PLASTIC, YET no one is mentioning or complaining about it but worry about a black woman and weave? people are odd sometimes) but i wonder why is this? i cant figure it out!. The biggest one of all is she is wearing too much makeup, lol like u have asian women, white women, hispanic women, indian women who wear TONS of makeup yet when people see pictures of them oh they are so gorgeous, no mention of her wearing to much makeup like what gives. I also notice even with thick black women who are beautiful and curvy(small waist, big behind and hips), oh wen she gets old all thats going to be cellulite(u RARELY hear this about thick non black women!), and THAT IS FAKE, it cant be real(u hear this with curvy black women alot), is that real, but let it be a non black woman and no one is questioning whether or not her curves or real or fake, they just enjoy her beauty. Why cant the same be for black women? I always wonder this.........


  1. They have simply been trained to dislike anything black. They're under a spell.

  2. Another of the reason I got into taking pictures of myself, and others...I had a high school teacher tell me "dark skin girl would never look good on film." She said our facial features are too masculine. I picked up a camera took the best damn pictures ever and took them to her dumb ass a week later. (Art teacher)